Stand together

The Four Heroes rose up against the Blight and sealed its immortal remnants with their legendary power. Now, as a Guard of the Seal, it's up to you to keep the Blight's minions from setting it free.

In None Shall Pass!, choose from guards with unique and powerful abilities, then stand together with your fellow guards to stop monsters, level up, and prepare for the final fight. But work quickly, or the monsters will breach your defenses, and all will be lost.

Adapt every game

Every guard in None Shall Pass! has their own way to fight - and so do the monsters. With 8 guards to choose from and 20 diverse monsters, no game will be the same!

Learn right away

Don't let your guard down! See None Shall Pass! in action with this short rules video, or download the free rulebook to prepare yourself for perilous combat and cooperative strategy.

Play now

None Shall Pass! is available at Board Game Arena, thanks to an enormous effort by Kendra Packer. With a free account, anyone can try the complete game with just about anyone in the world!

Can't get enough? Purchase the physical game, professionally manufactured and delivered straight to you through The Game Crafter.

Stay alert

Join the None Shall Pass! Discord server to chat with the designer, share stories with other players, and receive notifications about sales, new releases, and expansions.